Mitchell Yu

Grade 12 Student - Vancouver Collage

Hey Alfred Chien thank you so much for spending the time to go over every question and problem I had in Math. Ever since I started coming to you in Grade 10, I saw an increase in my Math 10-12 mark and since finishing my three years with u I have accomplished an amazing 98% final in Math 12 and 100% on my Provincial. With your help I quickly began to understand the fundamentals, the principals and the patterns that review themselves. Every time I left your class I felt a better and prepared to write the test that was coming up or an exam that was 2 weeks ahead, you had really prepared me well and every time I walked into the classroom I was very prepared. Every class I had with you was very interesting, we never dwelled on a lesson for to long unless we didn't understand it, and there was always new material to be taught. I would just like to say Thank you very much for helping me get to where I got, if it wasn't for you, I don't think I would have got 100% on my Provincial exam. I did very well throughout my Math 12 year and ended up with a 98% final mark (100% on Math 12 Provincial Exam) I could have never achieved this mark without your constant support, patience and especially the very late late night help you offered me over the internet. Once again thank you so much for everything!!!!

Herman Ho

Grade 12 Student - Vancouver Collage

Hey Alfred thanks so much for tutoring me. Even though I started coming to you in grade 12 you helped me learn and enjoy Math. You know every time I leave your class I feel a lot better knowing that I will be well prepared for any upcoming quizzes or test. Also I would never get bored as there are always new and interesting ways to learn one particular topic. For example, when I was learning the probability chapter, Alfred taught me by playing Math puzzle games which made me learn a lot faster and easier. I ended up getting the class highest with 100% on that unit test. I considered Math to be some challenge as evident with a 79% on my Math 10 Provincial score. Starting my grade 12 year thinking that I will perform worse as the level of difficulty increases every year, I did surprisingly well throughout my Math 12 year and ended up with a 93% final mark! (95% on Math 12 Provincial Exam) I could have never achieved this mark without your constant support and patience. Once again thank you so much for everything!

Tammy Chui

Grade 12 Student - Cambie Secondary, Richmond

Alfred has been my Math tutor for 2 years, and I must say that he is an excellent tutor. For topics that confused me on end, I could count on him to clear up all my Math troubles. And then there were those other tedious topics that left me saying, "isn't there a less confusing, less mentally painful, and possibly quicker way?" Well, if a better way exists, you can rest assured Alfred will cover it in class. Throughout the years, class size has always remained 4-5 people, which makes class comfortable, fun, and yet, still very 1-on-1. And as for Provincial exam prep, we had plenty of review sessions and mock exams. With his help, I maintained an A average in class, and got a 95% on the Provincial exam.

Gloria Ma

Grade 12 Student - David Thompson Secondary School, Vancouver

I have had Alfred Chien as my Math tutor for two years and besides getting the opportunity to understand the difficult concepts in advance, I have also learned to work faster at solving numerous equations. In addition, the best advantage I have gained through Alfred's teachings is how to not be afraid of Math. Honestly speaking, I have adapted to liking Math since Alfred was my Math tutor, which ultimately lead to my success in both Math 11 and Math 12. Thanks Alfred!

Nancy Che

Grade 12 Student - David Thompson Secondary School, Vancouver

Alfred has been such a great help to me throughout high school, he has been tutoring me for most of my high school years in Math. All the lessons and practices that he given me has made me improve in such a dramatic way. His Provincial sessions are really helpful also. I would defineitly recommend students to attend yt tutoring lessons, because who would have thought that so much can be broughten out in Math, in such a fun, and stress-free atmosphere.

Sherman Lau

Grade 12 Student - Eric Hamber Secondary, Vancouver

Alfred has been my tutor for less than a year but during possibly the most important year of my life to date. He has given me hope as well as the highest mark i've ever had on a Provincial exam. He has been very helpful outside of sessions and also suggested other top quality tutors for my other courses. I'm a product of YT Tutoring and i wouldn't be in university if it wasn't for Alfred and associates. Many thanks Alfred.

Douglas Newbigging

Grade 12 Student - Eric Hamber Secondary, Vancouver

Last year, in the 11th grade, my Mathematics mark averaged about 70% over the three terms. With grade 12 starting, and Math being my weakest subject, I figured I needed some help, in fact I needed lots of help. After asking a few friends I was directed to YT Tutoring. I met Alfred Chien about a month into Math 12. Every Sunday I would wake up and drive to my Math tutor's house to learn Math. Honestly speaking, as a student who has never enjoyed Math, those Sunday mornings were more than just sitting and struggling with hard problems. I began to understand Math 12 and once I understood how to solve problems rather than simply memorizing how to solve them, I finally enjoyed Math. I looked forward to going to class, learning the concept of Math rather than simple memory work to solve individual problems which, sadly to say, is what most Math teachers at my school have done since Grade 8. Furthermore, Alfred taught a class of 6 people, myself included in that 6. This, even though I cannot say that I've had one-on-one tutoring, I found very, very effective. 4 of the 6 in my class would come back to my house after our tutor class and we would study together for upcoming tests or complete correspondence homework (from GVDES). Seeing as how different people excel at different areas of Math, we learned and taught each other. Finally, nearing the end of the year Alfred provided review classes, which were extended classes during which he would set up mock Provincial exams. After we had an hour or so to complete the test he would mark it strictly and whatever we did not understand on the test, we would review. This proved to be a highly effective Provincial study method as I received a mark of 94% on my Provincial exam. Thanks Alfred, you made all the difference.

Terrence Hui

Grade 9 Student - Kitsilano Secondary, Vancouver

Ever since I had Alfred as my Math tutor, I have gone from an uninterested Math student to a Math student of learning. All the tutoring sessions have been fast paced and has helped improved my Math skills immensely. I was able to complete a whole year's Math course in just 3 months. Now I am able to skip grades without any problems. Thank You Alfred! :)

Carie Chau

Grade 11 Student - Eric Hamber Secondary, Vancouver

Oh God, Alfred can taught a whole chapter just in one session. The great thing is that, I can understand everything!!! where my teacher had taught that for 3 weeks already but I know nothing...

Jack Feng

Grade 11 Student - Burnaby North Secondary, Burnaby

My marks improve from "C+" to an "A" within 2 months. Thanx, Alfred!

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