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Students or Parents

Where do the tutoring sessions take place?

YT Tutoring Center does not participate in arranging the location for tutorial sessions. The arrangement of the location is discussed and set by students and tutors. Most commonly, students and tutors arrange the sessions to be held in the students' homes and/or public libraries.

Why does YT Tutoring not have a centralized tutoring centre or location?

Since our primary objective is to provide top-quality, professional tutoring services, we find that it is most beneficial to have direct sessions, without a centralized location. Besides, without a centralized location, YT Tutoring Center does not have to bear the burden of overhead costs; thus, offering competitive wages to our tutors. Also, it is best for the tutor and student to arrange a location that is convenient for the both of them rather than having a centralized location, which may be inconvenient for some.

Does YT Tutoring Center provide trial sessions?

YT Tutoring Center does not offer free trial sessions to students. However, tutors are available for a fifteen-minute interview with the parents and students.

How should I pay? When should I pay? Should I pay the tutor at the end of each session?

YT Tutoring Center has a timesheet system, in which the tuition is summed up at a monthly basis. In other words, at the end of the month, we calculate the cost of the tuition. The timesheet is to be mailed back to YT Tutoring Center, along with a valid cheque. Once YT Tutoring Center receives the tuition cheque from the students or parents, we will pay the tutor.


What happens if I do not have my own transportation?

YT Tutoring Center does not offer transportation to tutors. Having transportation limitations may limit the number of students that a tutor can teach.

How and when will I receive tuition fees?

It is the tutor's responsibility to give the timesheet to the students at the end of the month and ask them to send a cheque to our office. YT Tutoring Center will mail a cheque to tutors within five (5) business days upon receiving tuition fees from the students.

How can I apply to become one of the tutors?

If you are interested in becoming a member of our professional team, please visit our Career page.